Upper Cervical CBCT Manual


The Upper Cervical CBCT Manual is a series of videos explaining the technical aspects of CBCT imaging.  Instructional videos will guide you through the steps of using CBCT to do Blair, Orthospinology, and HIO Toggle analyses. These videos can be watched at your own speed on google drive (no downloads). You will be able to watch the videos again and again.  In addition, the information in the videos will be updated as improvements are made. I have been using CBCT for over 8 years and I am always discovering ways to improve!

Upon confirmation of payment, you will receive an invite to the Upper Cervical CBCT Manual video series from Google drive within 5 days. You will also receive CBCT research papers, software download instructions including a practice case, and an invite to the Upper Cervical CBCT Analysis Facebook Page for continued support. Put down your X-ray tube and Order Now!!!



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