Primary Instructor Certification


  1. Two years of full-time chiropractic practice (or equivalent part-time practice) using the Blair Upper Cervical Technique on at least 80% of patients.
  2. Attendance of at least three full three-part Blair Upper Cervical Technique seminar series given by a Certified Blair Instructor.
  3. Have held a Blair Proficiency certification for at least one year.
  4. Be a full dues-paying member of the Blair Upper Cervical Society for the previous two years.
  5. Possession of or access to Blair protractoclamps and stereo x-ray equipment.


  1. Request in writing on office letterhead the desire to be evaluated for the Blair Instructor Certification addressed to the Chair of Technique and Instruction Dr. Dennis Campbell
  2. Request is to be accompanied by proof of attendance of of Primary, Intermediate and Advanced Blair Seminars, including seminar dates and names of instructors.
  3. Include a check for $400 made out to the Blair Chiropractic Society, which is non-refundable and due in full prior to the initial examination or submission. You can also pay the testing fee online by contacting [email protected]

There are three parts to the Instructor Certification Exam: Radiology, Oral/Written, and Practical. Examiners are to be chosen from the list of Certified Advanced Blair Instructors found on the Blair Society website, or assigned by the Chair of Technique and Instruction. Each section of each certification is considered passed if the applicant scores 80% correct on average between the two instructors. A “passing” mark must be earned for each of the three requirements set forth above, within a period of three years of the initial examination or submission. To get to the Oral/Written and Pracitcal examinations the Radiology portion must have already been passed.


  1. Once the application has been accepted and approved by the Committee of Technique and Instruction, the applicant should contact two Blair Advanced instructors, as indicated on the Blair Society website, who are willing to analyze X-rays. These may be assigned by the committee chair.
  2. Submit twenty (20) complete and consecutive sets of Blair Upper Cervical X-ray series to the first of the two selected instructors.
    • The submitted x-rays need to be taken and marked by the applicant.
    • The submitted x-ray sets need to be taken no earlier than 90 days before submission of the application.
    • Films can be sent in increments of 5, 10, or the full 20.
    • At minimum the Blair x-ray series is made up of an A-P open mouth, base posterior, unilateral or bilateral stereoviews and bilateral protractoviews (stereoviews when necessary). As many retake or supplemental views may be included in each film set as are necessary to obtain readable images of the articular margins of each of the joints in question.
    • The requisite x-ray from to be filled out for each set can be downloaded from the website.
      • Listings for C1 to C4 must be marked.
      • All angles from C1 to C4 must be marked.
      • Contraindications and pathologies should be noted.
      • Preferred contact based on listing, angels, and anatomy should be recorded.
    • Include two stamped and addressed envelopes, one made out to the second instructor, and the other to yourself.
    • Digital x-rays: digitally taken x-rays need to be submitted as .jpegs on a disc exported from your digital x-ray program. Two discs may be burned and sent to each instructor simultaneously.
  1. Instructors will evaluate film quality, patient placement and findings. All twenty sets must pass with a 80% or greater from each instructor.
  2. Failure to pass one or more sets: the applicant may submit a like number of sets (up to three) within a 90 day period in order to avoid another $400 application fee and the re-submittal of another 20 sets. The submitted sets must be consecutive to the original 20 sets.

Click here to view and download the Chiropractic X-Ray Report


Click here to view the Primary Instructor Testing Packet

The applicant will be notified by the Chair of Instruction and Technique following successful completion of the x-ray portion of the examination. The applicant should then contact two Blair Advanced Instructors who are willing to proceed with the rest of the examination process, and arrange for testing. These may be assigned by the committee chair.

  1. Demonstration on a toggle monitor (or other appropriate device) all Atlas and Axis side of laterality and side-opposite single misalignment adjustments. Only bilateral adjustments and multiple level adjustments are excluded. The applicant will be required to explain each listing regarding both the mechanism of displacement and correction. Each simulated adjustment may be attempted twice.
  2. Applicant must set up, explain and show correct patient placement for the side posture toggle table.
  3. The applicant must explain and convey knowledge of paraspinal skin temperature differential pattern analysis, and pattern analysis in general in regards to when to adjust.
  4. The applicant will be require to manually demonstrate leg balance tests as they are taught in the Blair seminar series. This should include the modified Derifield/Thompson prone leg check, Cervical Syndrome Tests, and Modified Prill spinal balance leg checks.
  5. Applicant will need to convey skills regarding his/her Upper Cervical patient management talents.


This is usually done in conjunction with the Practical portion of the process. The applicant is to be tested on the principles of articular misalignment in relation to joint mechanics and spinographic imaging of the upper cervical spine.

  • Must attend at least one Blair function (seminar or conference) per year.
  • Must be a current dues paying member of the Blair Chiropractic Society.
  • Submit to periodic evaluations by the Committee in Instruction.
  • Maintain outstanding professional ethics as a representative of the Blair Technique and the Blair Chiropractic Society.
  • Failure to comply with the above mentioned requirements may result in revocation of certified instructor status.


  1. Each section is considered passed if the applicant scores 80% correct from each of the two instructors. a “passing” mark must be earned for each of the three requirements set forth above, within a period of three years of the initial examination or submission.
  2. Following successful completion of all portions of the Blair Instructor Certification process, the results will be forwarded first to the Chair of Instruction and Technique and then on to the Blair Society Board of Directors and the final decision regarding passage of the applicant will be determined by them.
  3. On final approval the appropriate certificate will then either be sent to the applicant or awarded at the annual Blair Conference. The listing on the Blair Society website will also then be updated to indicate the new certification.


Once the applicant attains Blair Proficiency status, he/she will maintain that level and be listed on the Blair web site as “certified” provided:

  1. Attend at least one Blair seminar or the Annual Blair Conference every year.
  2. Remain an active dues paying member of the Blair Society.
  3. The doctor must submit to periodic re-evaluation by Certified Blair Advanced Instructors at the choosing of the Chair of Technique and Instructions.
  4. Maintain professional conduct as a credit to the legacy of the late Dr. William G. Blair.
  5. Failure to comply with the above mentioned requirements will results in revocation of the Proficiency certification and removal of the “Proficient” designation from the Blair Society website.