Practice Opportunities and Items for Sale

Practice for sale – Sahuarita / Green Valley Arizona (20 minutes south of Tucson)
Full Blair practice with CBCT  
Office was built out with brand new interiors and equipment in March of 2020. 
Averaging 30 new patients per month with no advertising. 
Collections for 2021 is on track to reach $270k – All cash, no insurance, office group just certified for Medicare. 
Expenses are 30% of collections 
Needing to relocate to be closer to family. 
Asking $285k  
Contact James Dever if interested – [email protected] or cell phone 480-558-6106

Are you a Chiropractor tired of looking for employment only to feel frustrated and let down?

Our growing Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic clinic is in need of a full-time Chiropractor to join our team! We are looking for a self-motivated, highly capable professional go-getter who has an excellent work ethic, passionate about the well-being of their patients, and wants to join our busy Upper Cervical clinic.

We are located in Bothell (suburb of Seattle) and are ready to welcome a passionate chiropractor who wants to continue building relationships with new clients. A successful candidate does not have to know the Blair Upper Cervical technique, but must have a desire to learn and specialize in this extremely effective technique. Will train the right candidate on all our clinical procedures, business protocols and everything needed to be successful.

We have launched multiple offices under our systems that have prepared many young chiropractors to successfully transition into owners of their own clinics. Associates receive a competitive base salary with bonus structure built in.  The sky is the limit!  You get out what you put in.  We have had multiple 6 figure annual earners as associates.  Will you be the next?  We have an amazing team committed to serving our community with the Blair Upper Cervical Technique. We look forward to meeting our newest team member to join us in this profound and uniquely necessary purpose for humanity. Please contact: [email protected]


Looking for an associate to join our thriving practice in Blue Ash area of Cincinnati OH. Some training and basic knowledge of Blair preferred. Please email [email protected] for more information.


Long term Associate position available in Charleston, SC. Incredible opportunity for a motivated DC to learn from 2 Upper Cervical DCs. Some training and basic knowledge of Blair preferred. Generous percentage package available. We have a waitlist for new patients and need another skilled doctor to join us in our mission to provide excellent care to our community. Please email [email protected] for more information.


What we’re NOT looking for:

  • “ I don’t want to work Friday, Saturday, and definitely not Sunday.”
  • “ I want to make $80K to start and work 3 days a week.”
  • “ I want to do it my way.”
  • “ I already know how to do that.”

What we ARE looking for:

  • “Teach me, I’m a sponge.”
  • “Mentor me, show me the shortest route to success in a Blair practice.”
  • “I’ll do whatever it takes.”
  • “Why does this work better than that? Will you show me?”
  • Understanding that to become great at something you have to be willing to suck at it first.And then do something DAILY to improve. Just become EXCELLENT.


  •  Caring. For a patient, about your/their results, their situation. Your TEAM!
  •  Delivering. The right adjustment/education at the right time. An exceptional encounter.
  • Knowing. What you DO know, what you DON’T know. Find answers.
  • Learning. Never stop. We can ALL get better.
  • Being able to walk a mile in the patient’s shoes and not get their athlete’s foot.
  • And so much more. Just be willing. No, be F-ING WILLING!

We’re located in Southern Wine Country, an hour north of San Diego. We are about an hour from EVERYTHING. 4 airports, the ocean, cities, the desert, snow skiing, Palm Springs, Orange County, San Diego. Amazing mountain and road biking, surfing, skiing, skydiving, motorcycling (street and dirt/MX), boating, fishing, hiking, golf, and the list goes on and on.

42 years in practice, 30 of those doing Blair. We also use Thompson technique (with Thompson tables), arthrostim, and wholefood nutrition using Standard Process and MediHerb supplements along with cold laser to support patients holding adjustments longer. There’s so many mistakes that we’ve made over the years and so many successful moves we’ve made. Wouldn’t it be nice to know to go THIS way, not that way? How VALUABLE would THAT be??

You have an opportunity to make mistakes on our dime where we can make them right (been there done that many times!) and KEEP that patient instead of losing them.

Salary plus bonuses, as many as you can accumulate. It really depends on YOU and what you can deliver to the practice. We’ll still be here, but we’d really like you to help us grow bigger to serve more people and reap the rewards of that, both financially and in your development of being the best DC you can be. Selling. If we don’t “sell” them on Chiropractic, we’ll lose them to medicine. That’s the harsh reality. So you need to become EXCELLENT AT YOUR CRAFT.

If you’re interested in learning how to crank it up, have fun in the process, and go home each night with a smile on your face knowing you made a massive positive difference in a whole bunch of people, then email us at [email protected] . Include your CV, your goals, why you became a DC, and why you would be a great fit for our practice.

Looking forward to meeting and mentoring you!


DOCTOR WANTED  – San Francisco Bay Area

Looking for a doctor to join our thriving practice in the San Francisco Bay Area (Walnut Creek).  We need someone to help with overflow and also be able to help grow the practice.  Dr. Noah Kaplan is an Upper Cervical Diplomate and has a CBCT machine in office to use on all patients.  Ideally looking for someone for the long-term, with potential partnership opportunity in the future.  New graduates are welcome to apply.  Please email [email protected] for more information.


Im looking an associate whose interested in learning and practicing in a high volume, cash practice with the opportunity to open his/her own office
in beautiful sunny Phoenix Arizona. We have changed many lives in the Phoenix area for nearly twenty years. Develop valuable practice skills using the New Beginnings play book . Must be highly motivated, have a good heart and the ability to share their chiropractic story. Starting Salary $7000 or 30% com which ever is higher. Contact Dr. Tony Montoya 602-434-1315 or email [email protected]

Associate Opportunity – Spokane WA

We are looking to add to our team! With a second office opening soon, we are looking to expand our reach and help more people in our community.

Our Associate position includes an in-depth training process so that you can hit the ground running! We will teach you everything you need to know about adjusting, patient care, imaging, X-rays, marketing and much more. At Clear, we have a team of dedicated individuals to support each doctor to thrive as a practitioner. This allows you to focus on being a chiropractor and not worry about billing, taxes, answering phones, etc.  Let our team take care of you!

Our compensation structure starts with a base salary with a high bonus opportunity. This means that the harder you work, the more money you can make! Please inquire for more details and we are happy to discuss your earning potential. Yes, you can earn a six figure salary!

No previous experience in upper cervical adjusting is required, but an understanding of the importance of upper cervical care is vital.

We are located in the beautiful Inland Northwest area of Spokane, Washington.  No, it doesn’t rain here!  You can enjoy all four seasons, with sun all year round.  Lakes, mountains and wheat fields surround our beautiful city so that you can stay busy all year with outdoor sports and activities.

If you are a hard worker, want to focus on being the best chiropractor you can be and want to earn a six figure salary, contact us!

Dr. Rebecca Ellis.  [email protected]   406-690-4749

Associate Position in WA State – This could be a great opportunity for you!

Train with Dr. Michael Lenarz

  • Advanced Blair Instructor
  • In practice for over 30 years
  • Opened Eight Successful UC Blair Practices with Associates in two states
  • Coached dozens of UC practices to success
  • Trained dozens of Associates that have gone on to highly successful careers
  • Committed to the advancement of Blair UC technique
  • Dedicated to advancing UC business models

If you are enthusiastic, compelled to succeed, and willing to work hard:  Let’s work together to launch your thriving career! Please let us know your interest by contacting Rachel at [email protected] or by calling 360-855-1700.

Busy and successful Blair upper cervical chiropractic office in Los Angeles. Has served the Los Angeles community for nearly two decades. Develop valuable clinical skills. Learn effective systems for practice success. Practice the Blair upper cervical technique alongside an advanced Blair technique instructor. X-ray license required. Must be energetic, excellent communicator and have amazing people skills. Terrific bonuses and opportunity to buy into practice ownership. SEND RESUME. [email protected]; 213-385-3858
Janae Anderson, Office Manager

Independent Contractor Needed in Missoula MT

Looking for a Blair doc to work as an Independent Contractor in our beautiful and highly successful clinic that has been serving the people of Missoula, MT for over 15 years. Equipped with Thermography, sEMG, digital x-ray, flexion/distraction tables and Massage Therapy, if you are just starting your practice or have been practicing for years and are looking to make a change, this could be the perfect opportunity for you. Our experienced CAs will handle all your scheduling and billing so you can focus on SERVING and GROWING!!!

Please contact:

Krieg Chiropractic Center c/o Dr. Kevin Krieg

Missoula, MT

(406) 541-8888 office   (406) 360-3621 cell

[email protected]

Associate Opportunity – Boiling Springs, SC

Dear Superstar in the making,

Imagine leaving chiropractic school with your D.C. degree and realizing you really don’t know much about running a successful chiropractic office, managing a staff, acquiring new patients, managing their cases, budgeting money and balancing that all while growing a family practice.  Worst yet; imagine not knowing that there are simple procedures to free you up from struggling in your own practice.  If this sounds familiar please read on.

Now imagine a very successful practicing D.C. wanting to pass on his knowledge of successful practice and life to future successful chiropractors.  If you are still with me – I, Dr. Scott J Baker, have an opportunity for the right D.C.

My practice management group, New Beginnings Chiropractic and Life Coaching, and I will train you in all aspects of running a successful practice from new patients to managing your money.  We will share with you every bit of information we have on growing a fantastic family on top of that, if you qualify.

After 10 years of outrageously successful practice, after opening satellite clinics myself (and helping colleagues and friends open up there offices) I feel I can help more good Chiropractors out there.  If and when you qualify for a satellite location I will finance the clinic, direct your growth and teach you all we know.  In exchange we will pay you a generous salary and split profits for 36 months.  After 36 months you will know how to sustain success and we will transfer ownership to you for a predetermined nominal fee.  We will prove to you over and over that 50% of a lot is far better than 100% of not much!!!  Our systems at Upper Cervical Chiropractic and New Beginnings Chiropractic and Life Coaching are easy to follow and produce phenomenal results when followed correctly.  “If you can follow the recipe the cookies will be great!”

Chiropractors are usually strong willed and want to do it their way.  The problem with that is that it usually doesn’t work.  I encourage strong willed enthusiastic, high energy types to always “lead by example and follow by choice”.  Don’t spend years and years struggling to make ends meet when this could be your chance to launch your career and life into a level that frankly most aren’t even able to dream about.

My coach has a saying he is very fond of saying, “In matters of style swim with the current, in matters of principle stand like a rock.”  I have always believed people are better off under chiropractic care than not. I have always believed if you truly can demonstrate chiropractics value, people will pay for care.  I know I can teach the open minded D.C. how to be the best they can be – as long as they are willing to do what is necessary to obtain excellence.  Remember, practice doesn’t make perfect – perfect practice makes perfect.  We can show you how.

Are you ready to serve more people, work less hours, make more money and have more fun?  If so, call me today.  Let’s quit wasting time and start on a brighter tomorrow.

Chiropractically Yours,

Dr. Scott J. Baker


Helping people and having fun!   We are a great team looking for an associate to join us in our vision.  We are an upper cervical practice utilizing the Blair technique.  We are in the west St. Louis County area about 10 minutes from Logan University.  We are looking for a doctor who would like a mentoring relationship and to learn the ins and outs of running a successful practice.  We train on systems, technique, marketing and building confidence for new docs.  The right candidate has a good attitude and work ethic.  We are offering a base salary against unlimited bonus.  Contact us at [email protected]and check out our website at


We are a Blair upper-cervical chiropractic team located in Seattle, Washington that is looking to add a hardworking, focused and inspired individual to our expanding dynamic team. The opportunities include working in our main office with the option of getting your own satellite clinic to eventually buyout and own. Having a passion to serve people through the detection and correction of vertebral subluxation is a must. We are on a mission to influence our communities expression of life and health and we need more inspired doctors of chiropractic to join in our mission and purpose.

Please forward your cover letter and resume to [email protected]


You’re invited to join a booming chiropractic office in Austin, TX! Built in 2007, Focused On You Chiropractic is a state-of-the-art chiropractic practice that offers associate doctors an incredible opportunity to work in a successful environment. This office specializes in family care, digital x-ray, wellness, and preventative chiropractic care. This clinic has all the latest chiropractic and wellness equipment, to provide the greater Austin area an opportunity to experience a healthier lifestyle. This successful office is currently seeking associate doctors that have a passion for serving the public through the benefits of chiropractic care and are willing to learn with a positive attitude at all times. The applying doctor must have excellent people skills, be willing to be coached, and open to learning the latest marketing techniques and business procedures that are currently in use in this clinic. The office will provide you with a fully trained staff so that you have the ability to walk into a turnkey chiropractic practice. This would be a tremendous opportunity for anyone considering new opportunities in chiropractic care. Please e-mail your CV or resume to [email protected]


Come be part of a GREAT team in a high energy, high volume Blair Upper Cervical chiropractic office located in the most vibrant neighborhood of Seattle, WA. You will be immersed in all aspects of practice management, development, marketing, and creating practice balance while being financially rewarded. You must have a burning desire to succeed, be patient oriented, highly motivated and thrive in a TEAM environment. Good base with excellent bonus and benefits.

For more information, check us out online at or give Dr. Zapata a call at 206-204-8255 to discuss things further.


Practice for sale, or seeking Associate to take over an office. This is a Blair Upper cervical practice, with some massage. Half cash, half insurance. Great location in Camarillo, CA. This office is very profitable. The Doctor has been in practice for 15 years. She is changing her career. Please contact 805-482-0105, ask for Dr. Nicole Lopez.


Associate needed for Grand Rapids, MI office. We are looking for a Doctor that wants to practice Blair upper cervical and needs an office to start their practice in. Willing to train and help you start your practice, with a future option to buy practice upon retirement.

Contact: [email protected] or 615-575-9990


Blair Associate needed for busy practice in Santa Ana, California.

Please contact Dr. James Fiore at 714-543-2430 or [email protected]


If you think you have what it takes to run your own successful  Blair practice, it doesn’t get any easier than this. Lake Elmo, MN is an eastern suburb in the St. Paul/Minneapolis metropolitan area. Lake Elmo is starting a massive expansion, adding over 3,000 high-end homes. Dr. Hilpisch has a first class, turn-key Blair facility including digital x-ray and Vitilogics software. You would be an independent contractor. For more information contact:[email protected]


Associate needed for extremely busy practice in the prosperous town of Archbold, Ohio. Searching for a doctor with a passion for Upper Cervical Care, specifically Blair. If candidate works out well, this could develop into a great partnership. Please contact (419) 446-0230.