Mission and Vision


“Through development and training we advance our principles and standards while collaborating with educational, scientific, health care and public communities.”


“Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic in every community in the world.”


Flourish – One of our goals is to grow membership, get the society fully endowed in ten years, and to flourish in all parts of our operations.

Innovation – We do not want to be stagnant in our technique, teaching, or operations. When the board decides through a unanimous decision making process that changes need to be made to any of the above we want to move forward to make what we do better. While we are firmly rooted in our past we do NOT want to be shackled by dogma but move forward.

Continuity – It is important to us to stay rooted in where we came from. Dr. Blair passed on his work to us. It is our job to keep his work pure and unsullied with attention to innovation when the board sees it as improving upon the foundation that has already been built.

Acuity – Blair work is about precision and focus. It is important to not only have acuity In our technique but we must also have acuity in our vision and that vision is bringing Blair chiropractic to every community in the world.