​​​​Faculty Instructor


  • Must either be a full time faculty member of a chiropractic college or part time chiropractic college instructor and in private practice.
  • Minimum  two years of experience in teaching and/or practice is necessary to qualify for this special renewable teaching certification.
  • Attend a minimum of a full three part Blair seminar series.

The application should be in letter form on faculty stationary addressed to the Chair, Instruction and Technique of the Blair Chiropractic Society. The current Doctor overseeing this process can be found on the Blair web site, blairchiropractic.com. A fifty dollar non-refundable processing fee, made out to the Blair Chiropractic Society, should be included with the application.


If the doctor has a Blair-type x-ray setup available, five full sets of marked Blair x-rays, taken by the applicant, needs to be submitted to the Chair of the Blair Instruction and Technique Committee.  These films will include a marked base posterior, A-P open mouth view, right and left Blair oblique protractoviews (in stereo if needed), and lateral stereo views.  The listings and angles should be marked on an enclosed x-ray sheet.

If x-ray facilities necessary to take Blair films are unavailable, the Certified Blair Instructor heading the examination will send five full sets of Blair x-rays to be marked and returned by the applicant.

The films will be evaluated for quality, patient placement, artifacts, contraindications, Blair atlas listings, angles of joints bilaterally through the C-2, and any listing seen at the C-2 level. Once these films have been evaluated by the initial Advanced Certified Blair Instructor, the films will then be forwarded to a second Instructor for another evaluation. If the two examiners agree that the films pass, the x-rays will then be returned with comments and a passing grade. If the films fail, it will be noted and the faculty doctor must submit a second series of fives sets of films to be retested.  Failure to pass a second time will indicated the doctor does not possess the skills needed to be a Certified Primary Blair Faculty Instructor at the present time.  Films can be resubmitted after 90 days for evaluation.


The applicant to be tested will need to contact two Advanced Certified Blair Instructors from the list of qualified doctors. If these Instructors agree to perform the practical examination, they will choose an examination site (e.g. office, seminar, college, or Blair Conference) and the testing will be graded pass/fail.

  • The applicant will be given atlas listings and must be capable of demonstrating same side adjustments at the C-1 level. The applicant must also show proficiency with proper patient placement, doctor positioning, palpation, mechanism of misalignment and correction.
  • The doctor must discuss contraindications of the adjustments and options when a cleft posterior arch is present.
  • Skill must be shown in graphing and pattern analysis. The applicant should be fluent with the types of scanning machines and the purpose of bilateral skin temperature differential devices.
  • The applicant must demonstrate his/her skills in leg balance tests.  This should include patient placement, the Derifield, Cervical Syndrome test, and modified Prill leg balance tests.
  • The applicant must show the capacity to take the Blair series of x-rays either in an x-ray setting or describing the process in detail.


  • The newly Certified Faculty Instructor must attend at least one official Blair function per year. This could include the Blair Conference or seminar series (separate from those seminars being given at the doctor’s college)
  • The doctor must submit to periodic re-evaluation by Certified Advanced Blair Instructors at the choosing of the Chair of Technique and Instruction of the Blair Chiropractic Society.
  • The Certified Faculty Instructor will only be allowed to teach the Blair technique on campus or at other college approved sites.  Attempting to present Blair seminars privately off campus could result in revocation of  Faculty Blair Instructor status.
  • Failure to comply with the above mentioned requirements or altering the instruction away from the guidelines established by William G. Blair, D.C.  will result in revocation of the Faculty Certification and removal from the list of certified instructors listed on the Blair web site.

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