Chiropractors of the Year

2020 Blair Chiropractor Of The Year

Dr. Gordon Elder

Dr. Elder’s first chiropractic experience was at the age of 10 at the hands of Weldon Muncy, DC, Dr. Blair’s co-developer of the Blair Chiropractic Technique™. It wasn’t until many years later that he decided to pursue a career as a Blair Chiropractor after he saw the changes the Blair technique made in his wife, who went from being a semi-invalid to a group exercise instructor and personal trainer.
Dr. Elder learned what the Atlas was by attending Blair seminars even before he got to chiropractic college. The doctors he considers his mentors are: Weldon Muncy, D.C. – Dr. Blair’s co-developer and instructional successor, Fred Harkins, D.C. – who learned the technique from Dr. Blair personally, David Topping, D.C. – Dr. Muncy’s chosen instructional successor, and E.A. Addington D.C. – Dr. Blair’s last student and clinical successor.
Dr. Elder graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College, Los Angeles in December 1999 and has been a full member of the Blair Society ever since. He has been an Advanced Instructor since 2013 and has since helped the Society develop a structured technique certification program. In 2017 Dr. Elder closed his Southern California practice and moved his family to Lubbock, Texas to take over the original Blair Chiropractic Clinic established by Dr. Blair in 1949. He is currently enrolled in the Diplomate in Chiropractic Craniocervical Junction Procedures (DCCJP) program. 
Dr. Elder served as the President of the Blair Society in 2020 and currently serves as the Society’s Vice President. He has one wife, 4 adult children, and a yappy dog.

Blair Chiropractors of the Year

1994 Dr. Weldon Muncy

1995 Dr. Dave Topping

1996 Dr. George Banitch

1997 Dr. Chuck Spears

1998 Dr. Tom Polucki

1999 Drs. Ciro Rustici & Roger Morrison

2000 Dr. Tom Forest

2001 Dr. Meg Banitch

2002 Dr. Todd Hubbard

2003 Drs. Michael Lenarz & John Strazewski

(special award Dr. Guy Riekeman, Roger Titone)

2004 Drs. Drew Hall & Dennis Campbell

(special award to Greg Buchanan)

2005 Drs. Susan Brown & John Hilpisch

2006 Dr. Scott Matz (Special award for contributions to the growth and expansion of the Blair Technique, Dr. Weldon Muncy)

2007 Dr. Jon Schwartzbauer & Dr. Perry Rush. Special award for contributions to straight chiropractic was awarded to Dr. Gerry Clum

2008 Dr. Darren White. Special award for contributions to Upper Cervical awarded to Billy and Cristina Barretta, producers of The Power of Upper Cervical.

2009 Dr. Todd Hubbard

2010 Dr. Johnny Truong

2011 Dr. Frederick Schurger

2012 Dr. Scott Glocke

2013 Drs. Ian Bulow and Andy Gibson

2014 Dr. Tom Forest

2015 Dr. Liz Hoefer

2016 Dr. Charmaine Herman & Dr. Drew Hall

2017 Dr. Jeffery Hannah,   Excellence Award-Traci Jones

2018 Dr. Jake Hollowell,   Special Contributions Award- Dr. Art Addington

2019 Dr. Tyler Evans and Dr. Mychal Beebe

2020 Dr. Gordon Elder,    Distinguished Service Award – Dr. Drew Hall